saltimbanco: (Default)
2013-01-09 03:37 pm

In The Time Of Butterflies

Glory be! Mam'selle Takahashi came home with eight 1.5 liter bottles of pre-mixed Mudslides that she got from Safeway for $5 each. So this evening will be, without any doubt, one of runaway depravity. We'll drink Mudslides while watching Mystery Science Theater 3000, then have sex, then have more Mudslides while enjoying episodes of Law & Order, then lapse once more into passionate sex, then consume copious amounts of Mudslides while catching up on Fringe, then hit the bed for... well, you know. This will be a night of overindulgence and mad monkey sex. Never has the familiar term for Wednesday, e.g. Hump Day, been so stoked with meaning.

Namaste, my little superstars!